The how often trips the what

The how often trips the what.

In intimate relationships, difficult and vital conversations don’t happen for years together. Conversations which can open up space for love.
Like with my aunt and a very dear friend, I am hesitant to discuss a few things. We love each other and yet..

It seems if we can stay with the how and proactively see what trips us and how to come back on track when we are derailed, we would be happier and healthier. As individuals, as families, as organisations, as humanity.

The "blueprint of we" is a good way to do that. Simply put, we need to learn to
– listen deeply, speak from the heart, be willing to wonder and inquire and above all be silent and meet silence together.

– and yes, learn to recognise and meet our anger, fear and sadness s l o w l y.

However, if these places are too familiar to you, let’s take a Vietnam Sapa tour to discover more new things.
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This is life in northern Michigan

This is life in northern Michigan. Big weekend of fishing (thank you Townsends!), swimming, grilling, basketball, soccer, workouts, time with friends, recycling, house work, family time and some great nights of sleep with a beautiful full moon over the lake. Colt captured the "behind the scenes" magic of his fishing expedition on Long Lake on his Youtube (link in the comments, he loves happy subscribers. 
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 Many people say that Nha Trang has not come to Nha Trang yet. If you do not have the longest cable car in the world to see the sea of ​​Nha Trang in the midst of windy, and experience the thrilling games in the entertainment resort Vinpearl. On Ngoc Islet there is the largest aquarium in Vietnam, with the largest swimming pool in Southeast Asia and over 5000 water music stage. That is not to mention you also see the circus whale and enjoy specialties in three villages in the Vinpearl cuisine.
For island tour, you have 4-5 choices: visit the monkey kingdom in Hon Lao (3 islands north tour), diving to see the coral Mun island, swimming in Hon Mot, Tranh beach and explore the world On the giant ship in Tri Nguyen (tour 4 islands south), explore the cave birds nest and take pictures with gulls in Hon Noi, Hon island, Sam island (island tour).
If you like to go from the sea to the forest or from the forest to the sea, you can book tours to pick up Yang Bay shuttle to see the sky and hot mineral springs in Khanh Vinh.

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Picture Time! Finally finished the aquarium stand I started in May

Picture Time! Finally finished the aquarium stand I started in May…… then looked at it and realized I still have to stain the legs, that’s on my to-do list, along with finding a curtain to "hide" the stuff where the dog dishes are. Maybe someday it will become an aquarium stand again but for now it’s great for storage/counter space. Dan calls it my shuffleboard!
My friend Doris, I just can’t take that girl anywhere. We went 2nd hand shopping yesterday, when I got home I found another chicken collectible in my bag! Love it, already have it hung up. Thanks Doris!
If anyone’s interested, I’m selling my oak wall shelf, I’d like to get $20 for it. Chicken collection not included :) Message me if interested.
Headed for the hobby room, Got the 120 gal aquarium moved to the living room, wow, what a project that was and amazingly, we didn’t have one squabble! Now my 4 aquariums are all on one side of the hobby room (Bernie the Betta is still in the kitchen til I find a spot for him in the hobby room) and Dan has the other side for his slot cars and diorama’s; yes Dorothy, it’s really true… the family that plays together stays together but geez, we could use a room twice the size of this one …….. there should be a law against having so much "stuff" for hobbies. Everyone have a great day. Let see: Krispy kreme

Pu Luong trekking 2 days

Tomorrow I leave for Prague to begin my 

Pu Luong trekking 2 days Cruises along the Elbe River! All packed and ready to go!!

This weekend was incredible

This weekend was incredible. Time spent with family is always my favorite!!!! Memories to last a lifetime…
Who knew you could milk a cow, play games, ride rides, and see a concert all in one day! Lol. So glad my mom came to have fun with us and help with the little ones during the concert ❤️
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15 days in Myanmar

August 9th, 1942:
– The (first) Battle of Savo Island: Admiral Mikawa’s night sortie with a heavy cruiser squadron sinks the 

15 days in Myanmar, Myanmar Discovery, and HMAS Canberra and damages a fifth Allied heavy cruiser; but the Japanese do not press home their attacks on the transports off the Marine’s beaches: The US Navy is badly startled by the Japanese (and their devastating long-lance torpedoes) and pulls out most of their ships and transports off Guadalcanal by dawn of the 9th. The Marines on Guadalcanal are on their own now.
– German troops capture the oil cities of Maykop and Krasnodar, but production facilities have been badly damaged by the retreating Soviets.
– “The Death Match” – a soccer match between German Luftwaffe anti-aircraft gunners and players from the old Kiev Red Dynamo team takes place; the incident becomes heavily mythologized but in fact seems to have been quite innocent even by the standards of the German occupation.
– Edith Stein was born to a Jewish family but converted to Catholicism in 1922, becoming a nun and a theologian. Following the rise of the Nazis she was transferred to a Carmelite house in the Netherlands. Following the condemnation of Nazi racism by the Dutch Bishops’ Conference in July 1942, she was arrested and sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau and was gassed today. In 1998, she was canonized and is remembered by her religious name cresia Bendicta – saint and martyr.

I love Thursdays for so many reasons

I love Thursdays for so many reasons…..and today it’s all about recognizing this lady. Laciena Del Aguaro <3 I truly feel like God brought you and your precious Southern accent into my life at the perfect time. Your story, your heart, your desire to do more and make the most of your time while you're home; to set healthy habits and examples for your family; and to be the example of fitness (inside and out) to those watching you. You inspire me. You've only been a part of our team for a few weeks! can you believe it??? And in that time you have literally changed lives...ALREADY...and you are impacting those closest to you AND seeing changes in yourself. AUGH! I love it but mostly I love the encouragement and drive that you share with our team.
It’s fun to recognize you today as a brand spankin’ new emerald coach who literally said to me last night "Oh I’m not stopping here." Amen sister. Because when your fire burns brightly and your heart is focused on using your gifts from 

neutrogena and passions to help others….you CAN’T stop.
Keep shining for the LORD and keep following your dreams Laciena Del Aguaro. 

how evolving in public can be seen as totally against the rules

Just thinking thoughts today about how evolving in public can be seen as totally against the rules. This is spurred by Elizabeth Gilbert’s post yesterday about falling in love with her female best friend, and leaving her marriage. Apparently lots of people have been publicly critical both of Gilbert, and of Gilbert’s method of sharing that information with the world. People seem to feel that it is trashy, indiscreet, somehow not "Real."
Yeah, she’s made a lot of money by telling her stories to the world. Thing is, how one tells one’s story, and to whom, is their own business. She told her story in Eat, Pray, Love as an inspirational memoir, and subsequently, it became a famous how-to-be-happy go-to text, a movie, a second memoir about marriage. She had a career before that book too – and she has had one after, both as a fiction writer, and as a speaker and writer of nonfiction.
She isn’t perfect.
No one, ever, in the history of ever, has been perfect.
We all hurt people. We all hurt ourselves. This is what it is to be human.
If you think you’ve never hurt anyone else, you’re wrong. Even if you’re trying not to hurt other people, being human means sometimes your own needs will be at odds with other people’s needs, and all you can do is try to be graceful.
So, Elizabeth Gilbert’s story, what people perceive as her entire self (but isn’t), became a product as well as her real story. Lots of people felt unhappy about that – that she would "exploit" her life and sell it. Was her story the only version of the events depicted in Eat, Pray, Love? Of course not. Other people were all over that text. There are other versions.
There is also no way to write an unbiased memoir. They’re inherently biased. You have YOUR story, and your story is yours to tell.
This is also a long tradition. It’s just a slightly different version when you are your own balladeer rather than a hero hiring a balladeer to tell his exploits. You’re controlling the narrative. Make no mistake, though, old school balladeers were biased too.
Feelings here, for fairly obvious reasons, if you know me. I published a memoir ten years ago about a year I went out with everyone who asked me out. This year was how I met my now-ex husband, and he’s the last chapter in that book. THE YEAR OF YES was very commercially interesting, both to publishers, and to all kinds of people. I did a lot of press for it. I went on TV, radio, magazines, newspapers. The book contained only a very small slice of my story as a human, but to many people, it seemed as though I had sold myself, that I had somehow done this massively inappropriate thing, and "exploited" my story for commercial gain.
People called me the usual variety of names.
I’m a writer. Before that memoir, and after it. I make stories. These days, many of them are imagined stories. I write monsters and gods and myth now, but back then, I wrote a book about myself, about about throwing my heart open to the world, what it was like to do that as a young woman in America. That too was an act of creation. I edited my soul into 90,000 words, and put it out into the world.
Was this exploitation? Was this a wrong thing to do?
No. It was a powerful thing. It was an act of ownership of my own life. I chose it, and that was because my story was mine.
I sold my story. Your story is yours to tell, AND yours to sell.
Some people hated it, mind you, but lots of people found it inspiring. I still hear from people very frequently who have changed their lives for the better because they felt inspired – and given permission – by the story that was my story. Sometimes just seeing someone like you succeed – I say this for women especially – is enough to make you realize you could succeed too. That you could risk. That you could find happiness in unusual places. It’s a big deal to see an example of that in the world.
Elizabeth Gilbert has done that for many millions of people.
And she has evolved in public. Her story is more complicated than it seemed. Guess what? Love is more complicated than it seems. Even when it looks like a fairy tale. Even when it IS a fairytale. Things can change.
I evolved in public too, though less in public than she has. I haven’t written another memoir about love, nor do I have plans to do so – but then I never did. I had one book like that in me. That’s not because I don’t think it would be valuable to tell more of the story that started there – it’s because I’m busy with other things, and other things are, at present, more interesting to me as this writer, one who’s been all over the map.
I think Elizabeth Gilbert is brave. It’s a strange thing to show vulnerability in public, to put yourself up in front of a public that often wants a very simple story: Flawed woman finds love, flawed woman keeps love, flawed woman lives happily ever after, having made the right choice.
Her version – which involves changes, unexpected ones, expected ones, is a constantly evolving story of a person who has told her story in public the way she saw it at the time – and then, this is the brave part – showed herself as someone who didn’t always get it right, someone who hurt other people on her path to this moment.
That is normal.
That is what life is like.
The idea that love may not be permanent, that it may end, that one might fall in love with someone else after years of loving one person, that one may in fact, be queer instead of straight, be in love with a woman instead of a man, be totally different that one thought one was? The idea that one may not be fixed in need and desire from one year to the next, that one may not know what one will want at 45, when one is 25?
That’s a transgressive idea to share in public, because it’s scary. It is destabilizing.
It also happens all the time.
It’s isn’t exploiting your story to say that. It isn’t exploiting your audience to say that. It’s telling the truth.
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