my birthday plan

So for my birthday, me and jo were gonna go to Birmingham for the day, plus look around the Christmas market. But I’m sad to say we’re no longer doing this due to the threat of a terrorist attack. A chilling message written in English, French and German saying “ Soon be on your holidays “ with a picture of a bloodied knife being held. I hope this is nothing more than a threat to scare. But after all the terror attacks that have happened this year, it’s been decided that we’re avoiding Birmingham and all other cities. So sad that it’s come to this. People shouldn’t feel scared to leave there homes to visit these cities or countries, but the risk for us really isn’t worth it. Think of your family and keep them safe this year. Change your plans if your thinking of going to any of these places. I’m all up for fighting terror, but my family won’t be put at risk. If you are looking for a place to read about fashion assistant jobs

Vivietnam trekking tours

If asked: Where to go to Buon Ma Thuot, 98% sure will answer and give advice on Buon Don. Go there to ride the elephant, take the suspension bridge. This is a long time ago, but actually … Buon Don not only has elephants and hanging bridges. Let’s see, a day in Buon Don do what he does.
Ah, pointing to the situation like this, Buon Don district has 3 resorts, in turn from Buon Ma Thuot center to home: Ban Don Ecotourism – Thanh Ha, Yokdon National Park, Buon Don Bridge Tourist Area.
Riding an elephant in Don village
Riding an elephant in Don village
Buon Don Bridge, about 45km from Buon Ma Thuot, is so famous, almost everyone says to go to Buon Don also visit here.
Here the beautiful scene, si to connect the swinging suspension swaying interesting, riding elephant wading pretty attractive, but the dining room sitting on the floor so uncomfortable, and want to bring food to picnic can not be brought in If you want to learn more about culture, visit the ancient Amakong Floor is no longer intact ancient, or tomb of the King hunting elephants Khunsanup into muddy, damp. If only need to change the wind, go to the Cau Treo tourism will be more reasonable.
Yorkdon National Park, about 40km from Buon Ma Thuot, is generally more suitable for international visitors than for Vietnamese visitors.
Here you can buy trekking tours for about 1 day, 2-3 days or longer. The forest type is the unique, unique forest in vietnam trekking tours. If you’re into nature, going to Yorkdon is a bad choice. But take note at the beginning of the rainy season is the best. This time the trees are good, the birds go to the forest to find food. Stay overnight in the forest, if you are lucky you will see the deer to drink water to eat grape …
This resort is invested by private investors, based on the historical status of the origin of Ban Don and the Seven Gorges. Here you are guided at the tourist attractions in terms of culture, local customs, unique matriarchy system through the longest Ede in the Central Highlands, Pak Ku Elephant Tomb – H’Panh, the elephant hunting elephant monument, see the gong music and dance show. Listen to the culture, you climb the suspension bridge swaying swing, the suspension bridge will take you to the river bath, ice rink cool. Or try the folk game, go balancing, shooting crossbow … No hungry belly, go to the restaurant choose the rice dishes, grilled chicken or fish that you love.

Or if you want to picnic, bring food at your convenience, there is a hut for you to dress up. In the evening, take a leisurely walk on the river bank, or take a stroll along the Serepok river, admiring the forest of Khom Yokdon forest, birds flying to the forest in the evening. . Well, in particular, you do want to experience life with indigenous people coming here. The resort has a program "travel experience", eat – sleep – work with the family Ede, M’Nong native. You will feel the "hide from the modern world", also very cough.

I have seen a lot of tourist bashing in these pages

Good on them! I have seen a lot of tourist bashing in these pages, and while that is true the tourist compound the problem- I was up there before the season and watched over and over again as business owners leaned over their windows and emptied cans of garbage and tossed bags if garbage into the river. There must be some action taken by people to get all parties to appreciate the environment. I also saw some people post the clean up is the government’s job….but why? If tax $ goes to them for it, fine, but the mentality that it’s for the govt to clean up our messes is absurd. (All the same I say about my very own land). At fullbeauty, our only mission is to make you look and feel beautiful. As the premier fashion destination for sizes 12+, with over 300 curated brands all in one convenient location, we strive to make shopping for your best look easy and affordable. Save full beauty coupons 50 entire order

Check out our dear friend, the talented cinematographer Alfonso Maiorana featured in Canadian Cinematographer

Check out our dear friend, the talented cinematographer Alfonso Maiorana featured in Canadian Cinematographer. Maiorana co-directed and photographed the Sundance award-winning film Rumble, which features D’Ambrosio, Iggy Pop, Martin Scorsese, Tony Bennett, Robbie Robertson, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Marky Ramone and more.
Maiorana also photographed some of the key scenes in Canada fro D’Ambrosio’s Frank Serpico–a Gigantic Pictures Production in association with La Lutta NMC released by IFC Films.…/…/201711/IssuePartial201711.pdf

Antonino D’Ambrosio’s We’re Still Here: Johnny Cash’s Bitter Tears screening everywhere on PBS now! Get the book it’s based on, D’Ambrosio’s A…

Antonino D’Ambrosio’s We’re Still Here: Johnny Cash’s Bitter Tears screening everywhere on PBS now! Get the book it’s based on, D’Ambrosio’s A Heartbeat and a Guitar: Johnny Cash’s Bitter Tears.
” D’Ambrosio not only studies an overlooked and important Cash disc but in the process delivers a stirring portrait of an American force of nature.” –Goldmine magazine

“I agree with FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and CEPAL (Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbeans), who…

“I agree with FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and CEPAL (Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbeans), who report there is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, although there may be some shortages and delays in distribution,” said De Zayas, who is from the UN Organization for the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitative International Order.

Been actively watching CNN for about a year now

Been actively watching CNN for about a year now. It’s basically just scandal television, or “Omg they said what? Get out the talking heads!” television. It’s not really ‘news’… like, about stuff going on in the world [except Fareed]. I don’t think any English-speaking network, aside from BBC, is actually doing world stories. However, if you watch BBC you have to routinely sit through 15 minutes of reporting on whether the Manchester United team took a shower that day before getting to any stories. Sigh. Maybe my sample size is too small since I don’t watch much TV to begin with. But I would like to see more global stories.

Two totally cool things arrived today in the mail!, I love FUN mail

Two totally cool things arrived today in the mail!
I love FUN mail.
The backpack came from Team Beachbody as a recognition gift for serving my customers… how CUTE is it
&&&& inside a little pink box is a Stickee Bra!!! Last week I noticed a message that I had missed on Instagram, The company was asking me to become an ambassador intern they would send me one of their bras absolutely FREE, Umm yes please…. This is absolutely perfect for my Red Summit Dress that is completely sheer in the back‍♀️
Can’t not wait to use both of these!!!! Today’s Mail deliveries were Fabulous! Click toys r us coupon code to save money and get coupon code

Being involved in martial arts almost 15 years

Being involved in martial arts almost 15 years, an ambassador for the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall Of Fame and police officer I have seen many schools and this one definitely stands out.
I see improvements in every student each time I am in town and the instructors truly care about each and every individual, not just within martial arts but life in general.
The people here are some of the greatest and not only would I recommend but I would say it’s an absolute if your are looking for a great school with great people who know what they are doing.
Don’t take my word for it, get over there and get involved, it will definitely be worth it!