Today, February 2nd, is the feast day of Yemenja, Mother goddess of the Oceans, who I first (knowingly) met 7 years ago, during my Sacatar Foundation…

Today, February 2nd, is the feast day of Yemenja, Mother goddess of the Oceans, who I first (knowingly) met 7 years ago, during my Sacatar Foundation residency on the island of Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil.
Here’s what I wrote that day -
Okay, there is a lot to process from today -
The Oguns were dancing in the Candomblé house,
There was no air: the room filled instead with drum;
I followed the procession of flowers down to the ocean
And was showered with perfumed waters -
I will add only this:
Candace and I just now walked through a swarm of bats out into the ocean to leave our offering;
and as we turned to walk back, five horses came racing towards us from around the bend,
passed right by, circled in the water, turned round, and headed back….
“Her Perfumed Waters” 2017, Color pencil on 20 pages of the colonial history of Brasil, 60 x 72″

my loves

my loves. hawthorn heart starts anew today at 6 pm pst.
if your loved ones or community members could use one last nudge to get signed up, now is the time.
sharing this link means the world to me.
i also want to say a huge thank you for your support and love this week.
thanks so much for having my back. <3 <3
so much gratitude.

my loves

my loves. just wanna give you all a heads up that I am setting a new boundary with myself where I’m logging into Facebook max once a day now, aiming for lots of full days offline.
Facebook sucks and I wanna be less codependent with it (while still staying connected and maintaining my business and projects and connections). so yeah, I’ll be slower to respond and less active on here from now on.
if you you have witch cabinet questions please send them to my super star assistant
I also recently created a new personal email which I am protecting dearly. if you feel like sending me sweet non-work related emails message me and maybe I will share my special secret new email with you.
I also like snail mail.
and finally, I will be posting alot more updates and evidence of magic and healing on @witchcabinet on Instagram.

“The grand aim of all science is to cover the greatest number of empirical facts by logical deduction from the smallest number of hypotheses or axioms

“The grand aim of all science is to cover the greatest number of empirical facts by logical deduction from the smallest number of hypotheses or axioms.” — A. Einstein.
I would like to wish all my friends and your families all over the world a very joyous Christmas for 2017, with cheer, happiness and the spirit of sharing.
With love and my best wishes,

 The Ba Chua Xu Festival (also known as Vien Ba Festival) is held every year starting from 23 April to 27 April lunar year. At Ba Chua Xu Temple in Nui Sam precinct (formerly Vinh Te commune), Chau Doc town, An Giang province.
The ceremony of the ceremony of Ba Ba Ba includes the ceremony: bathing her grandmother, Thoai Ngoc worshiping the Mother shrine, Tết Yết ceremony, the ceremony of worship, the main ceremony.
Ba bathing ceremony. This ceremony was held at 24 o’clock at night 23 o’clock on the 24th. Speaking of her bathing, but in fact dusted off the statue and changed her robes. The bath is a fragrant water, her old clothes are cut to distribute to the guests and is considered as a fortune teller to help healthy people and the devil. Her bath usually lasts about an hour, after which people are free to worship.


An Giang: Ba Chua Xu Festival
An Giang: Ba Chua Xu Festival
Thoai Ngoc shrine to the shrine: This ceremony was conducted at 15 o’clock on the 24th. The elders in the village and the management of the shrine to the tomb of Thoai Ngoc Hau opposite the temple she performed ceremony. Gracious procession of Ngoc Hoa Nguyen Thoai, her second product Truong Thi Miet, and the Board Council. Upon entering the shrine, the tablets were placed in the main hall, the Executive Board offered incense, the ceremony ended. The legend of Thoai Ngoc has long been used to express gratitude to him who has publicly exploited this wilderness.
The ceremony was held at 0 o’clock on the 25th of the 26th. All the elders in the village and the management board of the tent temple dressed up, standing in line in front of the statue. The offering consisted of: a white pig (cleaned, uncut cooked), a small dish of blood with little pig hair called "mao blood", a raspberry, a fruit plate, a chopped betel leaves, a plate of salt rice. He devoted himself to offering incense, sacrificing, offering tea, sacrificing, then a little paper gold.
Ceremony of worship: After the worship is the ceremony of worshiping. He will move the pedestal altar between the martial arts, two hands holding a drumstick raised on the prayer. On the left side of the altar there was a water bowl and a willow branch. He dabbled in the bowl and dipped it in the bowl of water and scattered the water around him, reading aloud the prayers After reading the book, he went to the altar to pay homage to the altar, he returned to the altar, drummed and sang "overdone", the group immediately sang gong drum rhythm and the singing program began. . The following performances are often performed at the shrine: Tran Binh Trong, Bat Tham, Luu Kim Dinh, Trung Nu Vuong, etc.
Serious ceremony: At 4 am on the 26th, worship the ritual (the ritual is like "worshiping"). In the afternoon of the 27th, Thoai Ngoc came to Son Lang.
The festival is very exciting interwoven with the ceremony, the folk art and cultural performances such as lion dance, dance sports, cup dance … attract many visitors.
The festival of Ba Chua Xu mountain Sam is a festival of bold national identity, but also contains many local color Southern. The festival is actually a folk cultural festival to meet the needs of social culture, spiritual life of the people.

Global family, my daughter lost her job yesterday

Global family, my daughter lost her job yesterday and can really use support now more then ever. Please pray for her clarity on choices, health on all levels, and financial flow from all directions.
She has so many talents.
Please read below and consider hiring her.
I can take appts for her to spend a day in Ashland, or, if you choose to easily donate to her School fund, please click the link below.
Any donations made to link Jan 7-14 will receive my Ebook Goddess Sadhana! An amazing guide to a daily spiritual practice. Please be sure to PM me to let me know you shared your abundance and I will immediately send ebook to you!
Deleon’s Offerings :
gardening, snow shoveling, house organization, cleaning, baby sitting, pet sitting, Bioluminous Intuitive Touch Therapy & Reiki, NVC counsel,
Natural Facial Elixir, Scalp & Hair Puja,
Make-up Application plus a mini photo shoot with 2 vintage poloroid shots as well as 5 Canon camera shots printed / on drive when She graduates from
Deleon’s classes start in May! She will be moving up to Portland for a little over 4 months and will graduate in September, 2018!
She recieved a PELL grant and with help from family, the balance of her tuition is $3859! She is going to be using the money that has been already donated to the go fund me, towards a place (instead of a car…priority is school for her) as She will be going full time 10am – 6pm Monday-Saturday with other expenses in light it was a clear choice!
Deleon’s unique combination of multi tasking, creative abilities, and experience with non-violent communication, transmits through her to support you to thrive. She holds excellent Councel for such a young Starseed.
She has developed and implemented great work ethic in the time she has been in the service industry since age 16, and experience has taught her how to build strong relationships and have a beginners mind.
Deleon’s goals are to help you feel your greatest heart Puja.
She would love to provide her Service in an environment that creates joy for her and her generous contributors.
✨Thank you for your time and consideration.
Please PM me to make an appointment for you to meet with my daughter before Jan 16. Papa Johns offers great pizzas with healthy and fresh ingredients. Save up to 50% OFF entire order with Papa Johns promo codes and coupons. In addition, you can get papa johns promo codes 50 off entire meal FREE pizza.

When you come to Taipei, Taiwan you have to get William Chen as your tour guide for the day!

When you come to Taipei, Taiwan you have to get William Chen as your tour guide for the day!
He lives in Dansui one of my favorite places in Taipei and his family lived in New Zealand for 15 years so he has a strong grasp of Australian, New Zealand and western cultures as well as his local Taiwanese culture too!
I had a great time today and William really made the day comfortable and my experience in Taiwan super cool Thanks mate
So I wanted to make a shout out to him.
If you find your way to Taiwan for holiday (You should!)
I recommend getting William as your day guide to put together a special trip for you. He has great locals knowledge and is a great bloke!
You might get better luck with the weather then I did today and I can almost promise you on your tour you won’t get a puncture in the car tire like we did today
This made the experience all more enjoyable to be honest and the timing and location couldn’t have happened any where better!
So today we went to these locations and more!
Juifen, miners town, on the mountain with close Japanese styles buildings, we visited the oldest movie theater in Taiwan and had taro Taiwanese hot sweets over a spectacular look out over the ocean and near by islands.
We checked out multiple water falls and went on some awesome treks. Visiting taiwans largest waterfall too. Shifen and another location also.
Today for the first time! I let a massive Sky Lantern of into the sky the ultimate manifestation, setting your intentions and letting go experience you can imagine! Painting your intentions on the Lantern was super fun to do!
We had a miners lunch visited multiple mini museums, a small stop to fix the puncture along the way and we had many awesome chats and laughs about culture the good and bad on both sides and what we admire most about the cultures we share too!
And food wow! I got to dive deep into lots of Taiwanese Deserts and dishes today! Yum – I feel very satisfied!
This all made the day great and I recommend going to Taiwan and doing a tour with William!
Did I miss any thing William?
Pics and mini vidz below to check out some of the moments!
Currently on route to get a 90 min massage
Cheers mate
Blessing from Taipei!

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“I’ve placed the word capitalism in quotation marks to reflect the reality that this word now covers a wide spectrum of economic activities, very…

“I’ve placed the word capitalism in quotation marks to reflect the reality that this word now covers a wide spectrum of economic activities, very little of which is actually capitalism as classically defined. As I have explained here for over a decade, the U.S. economy is dominated by cartels and quasi-monopolies that are enforced by the Central State, a state-cartel system of financialized rentier skims that has no overlap with Adam Smith’s free market, free enterprise concept,i.e. classical capitalism.
This is what passes for ‘capitalism’ in modern-day America: the super-rich get super-richer, a thin slice of technocrats, speculators and entrepreneurs advance their wealth and the vast majority lose ground or stagnate:

The only way the few can pillage the many is if the many are denied access to competition, open markets and freely flowing capital. All the predatory, parasitic and exploitive systems that hide behind the word “capitalism” skim the wealth of the many into the hands of the few by limiting competition (cartels and monopolies such as sickcare and higher education), controlling markets (you must buy from the state-mandated cartels and monopolies) and and restricting capital to insiders, financial elites and cronies of the state–three terms that describe one elite.
Once the few eliminate competition, open markets and access to capital, the many are enslaved, regardless of how many times the magic words ‘democracy’ and ‘capitalism’ are invoked to cover the systemic exploitation.’

I dedicated much of the previous decade to a project I called All the Saints of the City of the Angels, exploring the 103 streets named for saints in…

I dedicated much of the previous decade to a project I called All the Saints of the City of the Angels, exploring the 103 streets named for saints in this city (Los Angeles) named for a saint (Nuestra Senora de los Angeles), to see how the stories of the saints crossed paths with the histories of the streets bearing their names.
It was a kind of poetic and metaphorical road trip through LA’s multicultural heritage, introducing me to neighborhoods I’d rarely visited, and shedding light on little-known moments of city history. By the time I finished, in 2008, I’d created over 120 paintings the size of bus shelters (I originally installed some of these paintings IN bus shelters), written dozens of essays and poems about them, and authored a book for Heyday Books that went through two printings and won a handful of nice awards – and had a show of the work at the Autry Museum of the American West.
Kathi Flood has invited me to show a trio of these paintings in her group show, Four Million Angels, opening this Thursday evening, January 25 and running through April 30, at the Annenberg Community Beach House,where I’ll be joining cool colleagues Michael Massenburg and Mark Steven Greenfield, among others.
There’s live music and fine refreshments for the reception, 6-8pm. Come join us!! Info at:

“one of the most common questions i get asked is whether someone is gaslighitng someone else

“one of the most common questions i get asked is whether someone is gaslighitng someone else. i also help folks name conflict as gaslighting when they originally minimized the harm as simply disagreement or misunderstanding.
being able to sense the difference between gaslighting (where harm is caused through abusive power imbalances, which warp our sense of reality) and disagreement (which involves a stable and balanced power dynamic with room for dissonant points of view) is crucially important for being able to discern who it is safe to rest your trust in.”
thank you Onyx Rose Kaye Wovein Bruxa Tango Avrenim Tada Hozumi Molly Meehan Justice Schanfarber Chai Chats Podcast for helping me articulate this <3